The 7 Learning Styles

I share my knowledge expertise and experience in 4 ways:

  1. Running tailor-made in- house workshops
  2. There are public course in Manchester and London
  3. I speak at conferences and away-days
  4. There is my easily-accessible on line leaning programme

We all learn in different ways, and over the years I have researched the diverse methods to improve the delivery of my tips and advice on better business networking.

There are 7 key learning styles, and they are:

Verbal You prefer using words, both in speech and written.

You might be interested in our Books and Audio CDs.

Social You prefer to learn in groups or with other people.

You might be interested in our Public Courses and Conferences, and In-House Training.

Solitary You prefer to work alone and use self-study.

You might be interested in our E-Learning.

Aural You prefer using sound and music.
Visual You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
Physical You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.
Logical You prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.

My live presentations include group work which includes lots of visual engagement, for example demonstrating “How to work the room”.

So, there you have it. If you want to learn, develop or reinforce your networking skills there is a method to suit you.

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