E-Learning Part 2 – How To Work A Room With Confidence


E-Learning Part 2 – How To Work A Room With Confidence


Duration:47 minutes
Your Presenter:Will Kintish
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Product Description

This part will help you with First Impressions, Breaking The Ice and Moving On with confidence and courtesy.

It is an invaluable session for those who are uncetain as to what to do when you actually arrive at a networking event.

The topics we will cover in this part will include:

  • How confident do you feel about networking?
  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Your Fears and Concerns
  • Section 3 – Surveying The Room
  • Section 4 – Breaking The Ice
  • Section 5 – People in Groups
  • Section 6 – The Rude Networker
  • Section 7 – Summary and Conclusions

Completion of the course will then give you access to a number of FREE resources that will be useful to you in developing your networking skills even further.

System Requirements
You will need a computer with either Windows or Mac, a web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome, and an Internet connection. Your computer will also need to be able to display Flash content so at the moment the system is not compatible with any Apple mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones or iPods. Please use a computer or other device capable of displaying Flash content.

Tips & Advice
Before you start viewing the course may we suggest that you read the topics in our E-Learning FAQs and a useful guide on how to get the best results out of using E-Learning

This is Part 2 of 4 of the complete business networking course “How To Become a More Effective and Confident Networker”. If you are looking to acquire 2 or 3 parts of this course you will probably prefer to acquire the complete course which will save you money on buying them separately. Details can be found below.

Read what others have said about my E-Learning course!

I thought it was a very good package which covers the topic fantastically well and in a really accessible manner. I liked the course a lot. It clearly follows your live session on networking, so the content is great.
David Abbott, Insight Best Practice

Top quality stuff!
Mark Perl, Mark Perl

The e-learning course is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to improve their networking and feel more confident in business scenarios and conferences. The course is very practical and engaging, including (amongst many others) tips to more effectively approach people/groups and the follow-up process. For me following-up has always been a sticking point and I can already see the results after implementing the teachings here.
Ian Weekes, Panaya

The Kintish e-learning units are simple for a learner to use – it’ straightforward to log on and easy to navigate around the materials. There is a wealth of information and tips on how to network successfully and with confidence – all presented in a relaxed and lively manner. The units make effective use of a range of multimedia – I particularly liked the film scenarios where I could observe different networking situations with examples of both good and bad practice and tips on how to handle awkward characters. In fact, these are so effective I was immediately eager to go out and practice what I had learnt from the materials! Being able to access these excellent materials at a time and pace to suit the learner will be invaluable for both the busy professional and the aspiring student.
Sarah Chesney, E-Learning consultant

I worked through the whole of the e-learning and found it really useful. In fact, shortly afterward, I attended an event and found joining groups so much more comfortable and enjoyable than previously
Barbara Maniglia, Senior Product Manager, A Medical Company

I would recommend the online networking course to anybody involved in business development, either directly or indirectly, as he offers insights into all aspects of networking. I have attended a number of networking events since undertaking the Kintish Learning course and I feel much more confident and prepared when meeting new people in a potentially challenging environment.
Martin Sparey, PR Account Executive, Cake Communications Cardiff

Just been through the first video and I thought it was fantastic, congratulations on your achievement. Very slick, good simple ideas, easy to follow, very thorough. Very good on the interactive element. Congratulations on putting this together, you\’ve done a great job.
Mike Dobson, Blue River Wealth Management

Clear and logically structured, easy to navigate, very polished and professional.
Anthony Day, Cyber Associates Ltd

  • Very friendly and relatable
  • Flexible option
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Detailed and simple to understand

Rebecca Nielson, Manchester Business School

Thanks for the access to your e-learning site.I thoroughly enjoyed watching/listening to it, it is an excellent resource and very easy to use: I was able to stop and start, skip slides and then go back without any problems.
Jacky Rosen, Senior Manager & International Business Development Executive

I liked the bite sized chunks, the pace, the use of forms to make you think, the picture backgrounds, the presenter (!) and of course the content! I think Will has raised the bar here and I am not sucking up!!
Nigel Cliffe, Cliffe Associates

Nice bite size help for how to network. Each fear/concern is broken down into smaller and easily manageable chunks. Flexible learning like this is a brilliant idea. Before reading the material I would have struggled to justify the time out of my schedule for a full day on this topic. However, I have been able to turn to the E-Kintish courses at times that suit me and when I want and am best prepared and in the mood to learn. This could be early one morning over brekkie, late one night with a beer or sat on the balcony of our lodge while on holiday one evening in France (Yep, done them all) It’s not work when I know I’m developing myself. PS. Needless to say after having read the material it does justify a day out of the job, I’d still much prefer to do it in my time though.
Jamie Collier

Very comprehensive. Well structured, which makes it easy to dip back into a specific topic for a refresher.
David Abbott

Very detailed, informative and useful content which takes into account different learning styles. I really liked the blend of learning tools e.g. show and tell, time to reflect, videos and slideshow. It was also useful to have a summary at the end. I also like that each part of the course had some clear, realistic and useful tools that are easy to remember and apply – e.g. SHINE, TED (like the new superman outfit!), ESP and the picture with the house, aeroplane with tennis bats for wings, business card on the roof etc. These are great strategies for prompting the memory in pressure situations.
Karen Barker, Warwick Business School


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