E-Learning Views

How many times can I view it?

You are given 4 tokens to view each of the parts. Once the tokens are used up you will still have access to the system but will be unable to view the course.

Why do I only have 4 views?

By having 4 tokens you can either watch the video in shorter sections, or once all the way through and use the remaining three to return to review the training again.

How do the viewing tokens work?

Each token allows access to the course. Each time a Part of the course is viewed a token is used. You have four tokens to use for each part; this allows you to split the training into smaller sections or to re-watch the training again.

Where can I get tokens from?

You are given 4 tokens per part of the course; that’s 16 if you purchase the full 4 part course.

Can I buy extra tokens?

If you haven’t completed the course but have run out of tokens please contact us. You cannot purchase individual tokens but you may buy the course again and receive 4 tokens.

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