About Will Kintish

Will Kintish and his team began in 2000, after founder Will Kintish recognised a huge gap in the market for people to become more confident and effective networkers in the professional services.

Since then, the company has established itself as a leading UK provider of professional development training, having presented to over 80,000 people Europe-wide.

All of our trainers fully understand the pysche of people when it comes to networking, and have been hand-picked for their dynamic presentation skills and the ability to communicate the Kintish method with passion and enthusiasm.

My Mission Statement

In an entertaining and motivational manner, I provide confidence and expertise in the field of business development to people who find this area of their careers uncomfortable. I am dedicated to constantly improving the level of service I provide for all my clients and customers and ensure the value they receive far outweighs the fees  I charge.

I educate and entertain; a powerful mix to help people become great business developers and build their self-confidence. Since Covid 19 appeared I now present online.

Business Networking

The Survival Guide

Topics include:

    Part 1: Before the event

  1. The Invitation
  2. Your LinkedIn Profile (and how it fits into networking)
  3. How to prepare for the event
  4. Part 2: During the event

  5. What to do on arrival
  6. How to break the ice
  7. How to move on
  8. Dealing with groups
  9. Managing rejection
  10. Building relationships
  11. Asking business questions
  12. How to move forward
  13. Part 3: After the event / following up

  14. Reviewing your new connections
  15. Reconnecting by phone
  16. Using LinkedIn to create more business and career opportunities
  17. Meeting again
  18. Maintaining relationships
  19. Part 4: Final words

  20. Why networking matters
  21. Understanding how to network with the opposite sex
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