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How to Host Successful Seminars

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One of our key areas of expertise is helping professionals become confident business networkers and presenters through hosting events. This exciting seminar will cover the key points you will need to ensure your seminar or event is a great success and an effective and profitable part of your marketing and business development.

Click here to view a video tip on hosting an event.

Thousands can be spent on running these types of events but what return do you get from your investment? Not just the investment of money but the invisible (and often large) amount of time spent in its preparation.

And when the event itself takes place how well does the team perform on the night (or the day!)? They are often disappointing. But then why should the support team know what to do, what to say, where to stand etc? Have they ever been trained in this specialist area? Their bosses shouldn't be surprised when they see them huddled together feeling well outside their comfort zone.

We can give your team the training to prepare for and organise a successful and profitable event to make your guests feel welcome and impressed! This webinar will also cover the crucial (and often missed) stage of the post-event debrief and follow up to really gauge the return on investment.

Benefits of Hosting a Seminar

Running a seminar is an effective way of showing prospects, existing clients and professional contacts what experts you are in particular fields. Give away free and valuable information as an integral part of your marketing. When you make a presentation to your relevant audience you're saying "I've earned the right to be up here; I'm an authority."

Topics covered

We take you step-by step and show you:

  1. How to plan and prepare meticulously
  2. How to welcome the guests and make them feel comfortable
  3. How to make a powerful and effective presentation
  4. How to engage with guests after the talk
  5. How to follow up to gain a return on your investment

All 5 stages are imperative to ensure that your seminar makes an impact on the audience, and that your reputation is higher than ever in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

What our clients say

"This was a good webinar and certainly worth spending my time participating. As I have organised and observed a number of Kintish workshops now, quite a bit of the content was repetition for me - but I expected that.. it's because you run good events that I keep coming back for more!"
Marcia Hoynes, Durham Business School

"Learnt something new about running seminars. i.e its still about networking. Meetem and greetem - very important"
Bernard O'Brien, St. James Place

"Execellent combination of practical tips on preparing seminars and how to network to get results."
Ian Brodie, Lighthouse Business Consulting

Did you know... all of our webinars can be offered as in-house webinars, tailored specifically to your requirements. It may be more cost effective for your company if you have several people interested in attending or have several offices or departments, please contact us for a quote.

Upcoming Webinars:

We currently do not have any of this webinar scheduled, however we will be adding more dates soon.

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