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Networking Skills For Property Professionals

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If there is one profession where being an effective networker is vital it must be a property professional. Doing the technical work you have been trained for gets easier as you   progress through the years. But today there’s more to the job than just giving the advice or buying and selling. You need to have great knowledge about your market and be able to build strong ties and relationships with other professional sectors to ensure referrals are sent and introductions made.

Networking is a fundamental skill you need to ensure your aspirations are achieved. If you’re not a good networker or do it with a heavy heart it will not stop you being successful but when you are an effective and confident networker I believe, you cannot fail to become successful.

If you’re in a practise, whether as a new trainee or a senior partner, it is now expected that you will have some involvement with business development. This primarily means networking. If you’re in industry or business, networking is just as important to ensure you are visible within your organisation and keep up to date with what is happening in your marketplace and area of expertise.

We have created a networking pipeline system to make it so simple for you to learn. Our extensive research over the past ten years shows 99% of people fear networking. Your 3 key fears are fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of the unknown. We destroy those fears for you ensuring you attend every business event, both external and internal, in the right frame of mind.

Watch this video below to learn why networking is so important to property professionals:

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want the status and the rewards of partnership or directorship? If so, become a more effective and confident networker; we’re here to help you.

To find out more view here.

We provide tailored in-house workshops which are CPD accredited. For more information email

Below is a quote from a recent networking seminar held by Kintish on behalf of the Construction Networking Group, Manchester:

"We have a recently established 'Construction Networking Group', which is focused on companies working in Lancashire who are involved in the construction process. We were looking for dynamic and relevant guest speakers and when I mentioned Will Kintish, there was immediately a positive reaction from members who had previously seen him.

On the day, Will was as always, exceptionally professional and inspiring. When requested, he spoke for longer, answered all questions and gave welcome tips to many experienced professionals. The meeting was a huge success and I have had great feedback from many of the members. One chap who is intimidated by networking said that the session had given him huge belief; Will was so persuasive that, "if he told you the sky was green, you would believe him."

It was a fantastic event and I would welcome Will to present to us in the future when we have had a chance to put his knowledge into practice."
Jonathan Lewis, Courte and Lewis Property Consultants


Learn the art of networking without having to leave your desk. Our E-Learning courses are an alternative to live training click here for more information

Networking for your support teams

Interested in training your support teams and non fee earners? We have a tailor made course specifically for them. Click here to find out more.

When you work with us you get...

  • more new clients
  • more self-confidence in any business situation
  • more profile for the company and each individual
  • more fees and sales from existing clients
  • more integrated marketing
  • more knowledge and information gained in your market place

We help everyone become more proactive and embrace business development as an integral part of their daily work life.

As a result of our training, delegates will...

  • accept more business invitations
  • prepare carefully in advance
  • meet more people and therefore build more relationships
  • ask more of the right questions
  • listen more carefully and spot more needs
  • create more potential business opportunities.
  • make more follow up phone calls
  • arrange more meetings as a result of the follow up call
  • beome more business minded
  • feel far more confident in any business situation

The bottom line to all of this is that more business will be created!

We will help you gain referrals

You want referrals from other property professionals, bankers, solicitors and accountants. We help you gain them. You need to be on panels to get the work. If no-one knows you exist how is this going to happen? We reveal what it takes to become successful in the larger organisation and the quick route to the top.

You will be pleased to hear we strongly discourage selling in the traditional sense; in fact our seminars and workshops preach “don't ever try and sell, you don't like it, you won't be comfortable doing it and as a result you will be very clumsy at it.”

We show you how to walk into that room knowing no-one but feeling totally in control. We give you the questions to ask to elicit opportunities and when you do we take you through a step-by-step process to follow up in a professional manner. You will feel secure persevering but no-one will ever accuse you of pestering.

Practicing your networking skills

The 1st Friday Club brings together young professionals in property to network, socialise and discuss the challenges of the day. Inspirational, top level speakers share their experiences and other professional advice on your future prospects, and create a forum for networking, providing new business opportunities and the sharing of best practice.

Try Before You Buy

We are always prepared to invite a senior member of your firm or company to come and see exactly what we do at one of our public seminars or one of our very popular web seminars. For further details please contact our Business Development Manager, Fiona Bridgford, no strings attached!

Property Professionals Kintish have worked with

  • A E Thornton-Firkin & Partners
  • Austin Smith Lord
  • British Design Innovation
  • Bruntwood PLC
  • CB Richard Ellis
  • Charterfields
  • Colliers CRE
  • Couch Perry & Wilkes
  • Cyril Sweett
  • Drivers Jonas LLP
  • Faithful & Gould
  • Gardiner & Theobald
  • Graham & Sibbald
  • GVA Grimley
  • John Rowan & Partners
  • King Sturge
  • Lambert Smith Hampson
  • Mace
  • Make Architects
  • NPS Group
  • RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)
  • Scott Brownrigg Architects
  • Scott Wilson
  • Taylor Young
  • Turley Associate
  • Turner and Townsend

What our clients say about Kintish

"The Nottinghamshire Young Solicitors Group and RICS Matrics (chartered surveyors) invited Will to present a seminar on networking to our members. There is pressure now throughout our professions at all ends of the spectrum to generate business and to attend networking events to promote our firms. This can be a daunting task for anyone, especially when faced with networking with older and more experienced members of our professions. However the strategies and tips given by Will were well received, resulting in much positive feedback from our members and I would have no hesitation in recommending Kintish."
Marie Dancer, Operational Director from Richard Nelson Solicitors

"A course that focuses your mind when networking in order to achieve new contacts who will be of use to you in the long run through asking the right initial questions. This course will build your confidence."
Sarah Butterfield, Colliers CRE

"Very thorough and well structured set of presentations and activities, which really helped give a better understanding of the purpose and techniques to networking and also following up on business opportunities."
Rachel Oldham, Gardiner and Theobald

"The trainer was extremely enthusiastic about his topic; he had an extensive knowledge, which he made interesting and kept us involved throughout the day."
Rachel Burt, Cyril Sweett

"Presenter was very enthusiastic & passionate about passing on his knowledge to his students. He was determined to ensure people understood his ideas and was very clear in getting his points across. Really enjoyable & glad I went"
Daniel James, DPP LLP

"The networking skills seminar proved useful in assisting me to overcome a number of unnecessary fears in day to day business consultation."
Emma Butchart, Faithful and Gould

"I have attended a couple of events since your training day and put the advice you gave into action. It has worked very well and it is clear that when you follow the "rules", people respond very positively and the experience becomes one to enjoy rather than to fear."
Mark Stevens, Merthorne Engineering Design

"It was really eye opening into how obvious mistakes are made and how easy it is to become successful at networking."
Steve Wilson, Taylor Young

If you would like any more information on our CPD accredited courses and how we can help you with your networking, then contact our Business Development Manager Fiona Bridgford on or call 0161 773 3727.

0161 773 3727 23 The Residences, Scholes Lane, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0NT, United Kingdom

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